Marine Electronics instruments
  Dashboard panels and more!

SMS and Internet controller
Full control via SMS and Internet!

 Energy Power Meter  All measured values to your cell phone!

Permanent Magnet DC motors
  12-72V High Power PMagnet motors.

24/48V High Power servomotor controller.

  Wi-Fi CANON USB Antenne
    HOTspot! Free internet with WiFi up to 2Km!


GSM/GPRS GPS securityTracker
   Get any objects position via SMS/GPRS!

GSM Module and accessories   GSM/GPRS chips, (2/4 bds), antennas etc.

Telephone Remote Control  for Analog phone line remote control.

   LED rings, Ringleds and LED panels...
   LED strips and many other
designs we made.
(click on the ring or hier).

360° Absolute Encoder  Special offer! check it there.
Submersible magnetic encoder RS232/485/4-20mA
Optical (Prism) fail safe level switch
Hall sensor magnetic (contactless) level switch

Ultrasonic Liquid Level  Control at your PC up to 6m deep (250inch). Last pcs for free!

RS485<=>RS232 Converter  The last few there!

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The GXL88 controller can do all that the previous (GX8, GXL8, etc) did, but much more.
ANY change on Inputs, Voltages, Temperatures, Level, Pressure, Time, etc, can force switch any chosen output(s) and send SMS(s) to any cell phone or call any phone. All switch and alert levels (thresholds) are programmable.

GXL88 has several functions, from simple to specialized, but only a few are generally needed on most common installations. Non-used functions will simply be left unprogrammed.

8 Protected Inputs. Low / High level. Connect to GND or left floating. *
3 Inputs Voltage detector 0 to 15V or 240VAC via adapters.
5 Voltmeters. 1 internal. 3 from 0 to 16V and 1 up to  ±80Vdc.
2 Thermometers. 1 internal and 1 external. (up to 4 external thermometers).**
4 Relais OUPUTS of 10A each. One R4 is inverter. ( ±3000W maxi!). *
4 Digitals Outputs low/High levels (to be selected on the inputs 5 to 8).*
3 Polyvalent, multi purpose analog sensors inputs (up to 4 sensors).**
3 inputs for 0-5V and (0-10V-50%) or two 4-20mA probes and/or any other probe.
*  Inputs and Outputs can be renamed to wanted names (for more meaning on alert).
**The three multipurpose inputs can be configured for different kinds of sensors.
   Pressure, temperature, very Low/High voltage and current measure etc...

1 Sensitive microphone on board. Can be activated on alarm or alert.
1 Radio GSM + GPRS global 4 bands and antenna with 10 feet cable.
1 SIM holder S1(standard) and SIM S2 optional*. Call function added!
1* Internet server with auto detect. UTP receptor with controls LEDs.
1* Lithium battery holder + Batt backup for internal clock only.
1* 32 to 75VDC to 15VDC converter for sensors power supply.
  * Can be left out if not used/wanted to reduce cost and power...

This controller also adds internet connectivity to the system and gives access to all the commands online via the PC or smartphone screen.
The whole system, status and configuration, is then visible on one single screen. You can work simultaneously via internet and with your mobile phone via SMS.

Most easy to use, all commands have the same format in both SMS and internet modes. Help memo is available for each command via SMS and also Online. The system works on any device, PC or smartphone, connected to the internet and able to view a web page. No need to install any program or application! Simply use the navigator of your choice. Please take a look at the short form manual

POWER METER  Measured values are; Phase and Line Voltage and Intensity, total, active, reactive and apparent Power, Power factor, frequency and total use in kWh.
energy meter can also be used stand alone with 1 to 3 CTs...

The Power Meter can also be connected to the GXL88 extended SMS/GPRS/Internet controller. A command to the controller will immediately reply with all full list of the energy measure, immediately to your cell phone as SMS or WEB page! The controller can also be easily configured for an automatic repetitive emission of Energy Status. More:   English    Francais

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New LONG RANGE WiFi receiver! Antenna and
receiver in one. USB to PC. Connect to the internet
from hundreds of meters to kilometers via Hotspots,
free Acces Points, or ADSL modems and routers.

Still looking for free internet without subscription or
other cost?  
Click here!

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